OUR Innovation

To enable long-term stability; thereby eliminating the need for frequent recalibration, Neolitics leveraged an extremely mature technology from Texas Instruments (TI). Specifically, TI’s Digital Light Processor (DLP®) sits at the core of our OA.  The DLP® is the world’s leading digital cinema and consumer projection display technology, consisting of an array of millions of tiny mirrors, all of which are a fraction of the width of a human hair. 

These mirrors, when couple with our Intellectual Property (IP), enable, for the first time, an OA to dynamically, rapidly, and accurately route light internally for the purpose of automated referencing and dark correction. Effectively, our device produces a validated measurement in real-time.

Enabling Technology

What if, your Near Infra-Red Optical Analyzer (NIR-OA) were the size of a soda can and could simply insert into an existing process port?  What If the expense for installation and commissioning was effectively zero dollars?  What if, the OA required no manual interaction post-installation? 

We envision an environment where an OA is installed at every critical process point, no matter how space limited the process nor how severe the environmental conditions. An environment where these OAs act in concert to fully optimize an industrial process with virtually no user intervention.



OUR end game

We believe we are at the forefront of a new era in process control and optimization; a new era of Automation via Distributed Process Analytics (DPA).

We're calling it NEOLITICS...